​​We can say all we want about ourselves – what really matters is what our clients say about us!

I hired/contracted/worked with Nina and Bob of North Salem Partners as a start-up entrepreneur with an idea for bringing a new product to market.  Nina and Bob were excellent at guiding me throughout all phases of the challenging entrepreneurially process from product idea to the necessary steps in obtaining patents, trademarks, sourcing and manufacturing, graphics and packaging, and vital expertise on business planning, funding and financing.
Throughout the entire process Nina and Bob pulled from their network of successful contacts for expert guidance, appointments and feedback.  Through Nina and Bobs expert recommendations and large professional contact pool I was provided with the rare opportunity to deal with only top notch proven professionals thereby saving significant money and my most valuable resource as an entrepreneur, my time.  By partnering with Nina & Bob I was able to put my time and focused efforts into building my company and brand.
I have been delighted with the diligence, attention to detail, professionalism and caring that North Salem Partners has displayed.  I highly recommend the services of North Salem Partners to any entrepreneur regardless of the phase your business/company is in. I look forward to the continued partnering with Nina and Bob as my company continues to grow and expand.

CEO - Tojary Group, LLCT

I really don’t speak “business”.
I have worked all my life as an artist. I had an idea for a product and was attempting to bring it to market when I met and joined forces with Nina and Bob. Both are seasoned and grounded in all the areas I knew nothing about. They have all the tools I lacked and quickly had me realizing what was dream and what was a reasonable approach to a viable business. Their patience in laying out all the various components into a unifying, comprehensive whole was bottomless.

Farm to Table entrepreneur