Our Services

North Salem Partners is specifically targeted to entrepreneurs and their early stage investors.

Our services are tailored to our clients' needs and include the following: 
Business Readiness Review – An unbiased, expert review of your current business plan to determine if it is ready for execution and investment, is scalable and incorporates a robust risk assessment. Often there is written plan material, but significantly more remains unwritten. We examine all aspects of your business, processes and technology, strategic sales and marketing plan and financial analysis. We know the questions to ask & usually uncover areas that have been “assumed” and need to be explicitly addressed. We verify, quantify, add, delete, incorporate and leave you with a framework to achieve business success.
Retained Business Consulting – Many of our clients choose to have North Salem Partners guide them through the continued development and evolution of their business. We begin by developing a plan and a timeline that is realistic and achievable. This NSP service clearly identifies the role of the entrepreneur and defines employee or temporary positions that will be required. We assist in identifying & verifying services and vendors who will be needed. We assist in evaluating opportunities as they materialize and optimizing opportunities.
Specific Project Consultation – Following a business readiness review, clients often choose to utilize our specific expertise in areas such as business planning, marketing and sales development and implementation sourcing, licensing, pricing, business process innovation financial management and technology planning, among others. We guide you through development of these specific functions that are required for business success.
Product/Service Development & Refinement – Taking great ideas and producing a final product or service that has appropriate financial margins, developing a reliable and scalable supply chain (our experience includes both domestic and international sourcing), ensuring that adequate tracking metrics and controls are in place and developing creative packaging and fulfillment methodologies are among the processes that make the difference between success and failure. North Salem Partners is prepared to help you in these areas as well.​
Deploying the Systems and Technology you Need– Technology moves at lightning speed and every day brings the introduction of the newest development. Learn from our broad backgrounds and expertise…both what technologies your business absolutely needs – and equally important, what you don’t need. We bring our deep expertise in this area, developed with a Fortune 50 company and 19 years of successful consulting, to your business.

North Salem Partners when requested will offer potential sources that we have vetted to address specific needs of our clients. We have often accompanied clients and assisted in their vendor selection process.

As a matter of policy, North Salem Partners does not accept referral fees from any vendors. Our sole focus is on your business, without any conflicts of interest.